Wedding Decorations By Jennifer

Initial Save the Date Fee :


We do charge a $50.00 Save the Date Fee which is a deposit used to hold your event date.  The $50.00 will be applied to your balance owed...but if you decide to cancel your rental order...the Save the Date fee will not be refunded.

If for any reason you decide to cancel our services you would need to do so before the set up date in order to be fully refunded (Note: the Save the Date fee is non-refundable).  If we set everything up for you on the set up date and then you decide to will only be refunded 50% of your rental order.



Extra Mileage Cost:


In order to help keep our prices low.....

We will only charge an extra mileage fee if any of the 2 options listed below occur: 


1.  Your event location is more than 40 miles from the Ionia, Michigan zipcode 48846. Once out of the 40 mile range a modest charge of .35 cents per mile will be applied (keep in mind that we do both set-up and pick-up of the items which will make a total of two round trips).


2.  Your total rental purchase is less than $150.00 then a modest charge of .35 cents per mile will be applied (keep in mind that we do both set-up and pick-up of the items which will make a total of two round trips).



Additional Refundable Deposit:


Depending on the items that are being rented - we MAY charge an additional refundable deposit which does vary in cost (based on what items are being rented). 


Additional Deposits start at $50.00 and go up from there based on the item(s) being rented out and whether our staff sets-up and picks-up the items.  If you choose to set-up and drop-off the items yourself, a larger deposit may be required.   Note: Some items do require staff set-up.



The additional deposit amount is used to cover any broken or missing items.  If you decide to cancel before the event date, your deposit will be refunded. 


Note:  Please keep in mind that whether or not you are charged an additional refundable are still responsible to cover any costs due to missing or damaged items. 



The deposit will be refunded after the rental item(s) have been picked-up / returned.



Damaged or missing items sometimes do occur but not very often.  On the rare occasion that a large number of item(s) are damaged or missing and the deposit alone does not cover all of the damaged or missing item(s) cost, the customer is responsible for paying the remaining Replacement Fee balance to cover all damaged or missing items.  Below is a list of Replacement fees per item: 


Replacement Fees for damaged or missing.....

      Centerpieces.......Based on per piece and it can vary in cost upwards to $15.00

      Backdrops...........Based on per piece and it can vary from $5.00 upwards to $60.00

       Wall-Uplights.........$45.00 per light

      Damask & Mini Overlays.....$3.00 each

      Linens..................Varies from $14.00 to $30.00 per linen (depends on size of linen)





Cautions and Other Things to Keep in Mind:


Candles are a fire hazard and dangerous around young children which is why we also offer flameless LED candles (some centerpieces require the use of LED candles) you have the option to use real candles at your discretion or flameless ones for no extra charge. 

Most of our centerpieces have small parts that present a choking hazard for young children especially under the age of 7 years so please keep these things in mind when choosing your centerpieces. 

Also, our backdrops are tall and lightweight and are not designed to withstand anyone climbing or leaning on them.  When LED up-lights are in use, there will be electrical cords which could pose a tripping hazard. 

We do our best to keep everything sturdy and safe and we are not responsible for any injuries due to the mishandling or misuse of our products.  


 We want to be sure that everyone has a safe and fun experience!